A Few Resources for Lent

 Photo by Sarah Dorweiler

Photo by Sarah Dorweiler

I have never celebrated Lent before, but I love the idea of preparing your heart for the Resurrection in the weeks leading up to it. It's kind of like Advent for Easter, maximizing the joy and anticipation for this amazing event, although it is more reflective and sacrificial in nature

So this year, we’re celebrating, but not in a strict religious way. Lent is a man-made tradition that is nowhere commanded in Scripture. But some of the things you do during Lent are commanded. We should fast, repent of sin, and build self-discipline into our lives. We should also fix our eyes on Jesus and seek to intensify our joy in the resurrection.

Lent can be of great spiritual benefit to the Christian.

Personally, we are in a season of pruning and discipline that just naturally coincided with Lent this year. I have been working on growing in a few spiritual disciplines and in the process I've been repenting of sin that God has so lovingly revealed. In working these things out, there has been abundant freedom. So although I'm cracking down on bad habits in my life and becoming a more disciplined Christian, the result has been liberty and joy. And this is a foundation that will last beyond this season and into eternity.

As a family, we have decided to give up some types of food and entertainment. We will also be spending time in the gospel accounts leading up to Holy Week and the Resurrection. We might throw in a craft here and there, but we’ll probably keep things simple. More than anything, we want our hearts to be engaged as we look towards Calvary, open and submissive to the work of the Holy Spirit. 

If you are interested in celebrating Lent with your family, there are great number of resources out there, much better than any I can provide for you. I write this simply to share my own experience at the moment, and to say that I'm looking forward to all that God will do as we reflect on what he has already done.

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